Design a Better Business

In the past six years, we have worked with hundreds of startups and corporates to help them design a better business for themselves. To be successful you need to design your business and your strategy from the ground up. You need to become a designer. Now, we want to share our journey with this book, with the best tools we know.

Turn uncertainty into opportunity

The world around you – and your business – is filled with uncertainty. But, with­in that uncertainty exist limitless opportunities to design (or redesign) game-changing businesses. These opportunities are there for the taking, if you know how to look for them.

These days successful companies don’t just manage their businesses, they design them. Design is fundamentally about enhancing the way you look at the world.  It’s is a disciplined and iterative approach that marries creative thinking and analytical rigor focused on creating relevant, intentional, unique value for real people with real needs.  When done right, it not only informs what the value is, but how it gets delivered in a repeatable and viable way.

Design A Better Business

Design A Better Business is a visual playbook about how to bring the accessible practices of innovation and entrepreneurial growth into any organization. This practical guide contains the full suite of road-tested business tools that support your teams from the earliest inception of an idea to a validated road map.

Detailing over 50 case studies and real life examples from large corporations such as ING Bank, Audi, Autodesk, and Toyota Financial Services, to small startups, incubators, and social impact organizations, Design A Better Business provides a behind the scenes look at the best practices and pitfalls to avoid. Also included are personal insights from thought leaders such as Steve Blank on innovation, Alex Osterwalder on business models, Nancy Duarte on storytelling, and Rob Fitzpatrick on questioning, among others.

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